The Story

Aesthetics and the quest for emotional balance guide Martine de Richeville’s approach to manual skin and body care. She knew how to adapt her holistic vision of health to the requirements of Parisian women.

After studying psychology, she trained in Chinese medicine and different massage techniques. His discovery of Rudolph Steiner's Eurythmic method and his approach to energetic harmonization – a means of reconnecting the patient to the world around him – anchored his conviction that a healthy connection between body and mind is the cornerstone. well-being and beauty.

It was therefore in 1998 that she introduced her own method. Initially focused on slimming, its treatments are refined and enriched over the years by numerous therapeutic virtues. But the approach remains the same: reduce inflammation, release anchored blockage points to transform the body, free the mind and reveal true beauty.

In 2012, Julien – Martine's son – joined his mother with the aim of extending her method and its benefits to the rest of the world while maintaining the very high standards of quality that make all the difference in the Martine de Richeville universe.

Martine and Julien select and train their teams of therapists themselves by transmitting the strong values ​​of the family business: excellence, empathy, respect, the desire to always learn and the ability to question certain certainties to continue to offer the most impactful experience to their patients.